Statistics show most of the common people do not have a Will or Estate planning. Most other people who have a Will haven’t looked at or revised it for a long time making it outdated. It is a delicate subject most people avoid, but we at SD Law advise every client to consider having a Will. If a person dies without leaving a Will, and if their estate is quite large or even only moderately large, this can create problems in relation to the property that different people may have a claim over as a result of the intestacy.

At SD Law, we encourage our clients to consider the following while creating a Will: Who should be the temporary and permanent guardian of the minor children in case of death, who should be the executor, and who should be the trustee of the estate. SD Law works closely with individuals to develop estate plans that provide for the distribution of assets according to the client’s wishes upon death, protection of assets, and reduction of estate taxes and probate costs.

SD Law represents clients in Wills and Estate matters related to:

  • Wills for Single Person, with or without children
  • Wills for Married Couple, with or without children
  • Charitable Wills
  • Estate Wills